What is hand analysis?

People often ask me what hand analysis is, how it is different and how it helps.
Here are some answers to frequently asked questions :

How can hand analysis help?
Hand analysis is all about self discovery and how to unlock your right life.
It is not about how long you are going to live or what might or might not happen.
In hand analysis there is zero prediction about the future.

We explore talents and life purpose and how to access one’s potential.
We look at both soul psychology (deep meaning) and at personality strengths.

What is the difference between hand analysis and other systems?

hand analysis courses, life purpose
Richard Unger, author of LifePrints, deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints

Hand analysis is a relatively new field of psychology that uses the hand as a mirror of the psyche. I believe that it is the psychology of the future. It was developed over a 40 year period by Richard Unger author of LifePrints, decoding your life purpose from your fingerprints. (2007)
Many respected psychologists and coaches and counselors are already using it as an entry point to understand core issues and driving forces within the psyche. The focus is not on pathology but on mythology. How to see one’s life, and one’s life challenges, from a larger mythological perspective; from a soul perspective. And how does one’s personality characteristics impact on the larger game.

Richard took everything he could find written about hands (palmistry, palm reading, other forms of hand reading) and tested it over time, eventually throwing out everything that was unreliable (more than 90% of the material). Over time he developed a number of principles on how hand shape and line formations are influenced by archetypal energies running through the meridians. The bulk of this part of his work is not yet published or available to the general public except through year long certification courses.

At the same time Richard decoded fingerprints, developing a totally new approach to fingerprint analysis based on pattern complexity and the archetypal themes running through each finger. Unlike previous systems, fingerprints are not linked to personality characteristics but instead to life themes, meaning and fulfillment. (The soul’s objectives.) The method is able to answer deep questions such as “why am I here?” A portion of this material is published in his book, LifePrints. (2007) available on Kindle or in print and in a longer manuscript (+ 500 pages) available as an e-book only. The rest is available only through advanced certification courses or through the Earth School interviews.

Richard’s work has a growing number of practitioners worldwide. Some teachers have taught his work for over 20 years, each with their own differences in interpretation and depth of understanding. Not all have kept abreast with his work which is constantly developing.
Over the last 6 years I have interviewed Richard weekly in order to record his original thinking on a wide library of topics so that this material is available as a reference library for future hand analysts in generations to come.
You can access these classes here: Interview Series

fees vs competencyYes. It is a bit of a wild west at the moment.
There are experienced master hand analysts charging modest fees and, at the same time, there are a lot of people out there charging large fees with very little formal training. (The argument from their teacher being that this information is life changing.) This is a bit like comparing a fully trained medical practitioner to someone who took a weekend course in first aid. It is difficult to distinguish who the serious practitioners are when the “First aid” team believe they are doing essential work and are charging more…

Practitioners tend to charge according to where they are on the graph alongside, and this creates a lot of confusion in the marketplace.
Also, the market is further confused because there are also many people out there claiming to be hand analysts who have no formal training and are unaware of this fact. Instead, they are practicing other systems of hand reading (palm reading, palmistry, etc.) thinking there is no difference.
Some people try to differentiate between systems by calling the IIHA system and its satellite schools “scientific hand analysis” or “Life Purpose hand analysis”. Perhaps it would be best to simply call it the LifePrints system.
However, like all psychologies, it is an art as well as a science. Deep listening skills are required.

Is there a danger of receiving negative information?

Every strength is neutral. It has both positive and negative qualities.
The primary objective of hand analysis is to empower you, not to make you feel contracted, but instead to show you what causes you to contract and how to stand next to this rather than in it.

How often should one have hand analysis?

For some people one short session is enough. For others a longer session adds more depth. Some people like to do repetitive sessions over the years for fresh insight. Others find doing daily tracking exercises very helpful and work weekly or monthly with a life coach or therapist who knows their unique fingerprints.

In other words, it depends on how much support a person wants.

How is your work different to Richard’s?

I stay aligned with Richard’s interpretation and system of analysis but bring in the teachings of spiritual teachers such as Thomas Huebl, Richard Moss, David R Hawkins, Michael Brown and others. I also like to explain the system from a frequency or energetic perspective. From my perspective, Richard’s fingerprint system explains the duality game we are playing. The default mode that drives us, game plan, or program we are running, is available to us in the form of an energetic blueprint visible in our fingerprints.
Essentially, our hands are a powerful map to help us on our journey.

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  1. andrew fitzherbert Reply

    Hello Jenna
    I spent 15 years away, in spite of 2 books & many newspaper articles saying”Andrew is Innocent” You probably know my books; “Hand Psychology”, “The Hand & Career”,”The Palmists Companion”( a History & bibliography) I just read your Website, I agree Life line Breaks are not so alarming. I have a hand print of a man with a Very Short Lifeline, clearly, obviously,very, very short, he is now 72 years old and still living. I just read your article “Grace versus Manifestation”,and am pleased & impressed by that article. The long time away cost me my house, my marriage, my income & all my possessions. Since release, now living in a tiny unit, I am “Retired”, but don’t intend or expect to remain “Retired” for ever! I’m not currently reading hands. When you next visit Australia I’d quite like to read-your-hands for you, free of charge, as a gift to you. I’d be pleased to talk to you by email. I am still researching Palmistry History, accumulating Palmistry Books, and thinking about Palmistry. I am quite interested in examples of “Rare Markings on Hands”, the sort that can and do turn up in very, very rare cases. ( These cases can be of no interest to amateur Hand-Readers, but may interest “Experienced Hand Readers”

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Andrew

      Apologies for the delay. I’ve been in London last week..
      I would love to meet you when next in Australia.
      I’ll be there from Oct 13 until end of the month.
      Kind regards

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