Soul Topics Series

mining your school
1. Mining Your Life School
So You think you know your Life School and its role in your life?
Think again.
A series of four calls with advanced Soul Tracking Exercises for each Life School.

– Service Life School
– Love Life School
– Wisdom Life School
– Peace Life School

friend vs foe

2. Life lessons/Allies in disguise
Over four months, we will explore a number of common Life Lesson fingerprint patterns
that can work in your favor rather than against you. We will explore a series of exercises
for each one that help you turn your lesson into part of your support team.
Life Lesson combination – Don’t worry be happy
Life Lesson combination – No-one listens to me
Life Lesson combination – Mr Not Enough
Life Lesson combination – Negative L’Oreal

allies in disguise

3. Life Purpose/Best Life
We will also explore a series of common Life Purpose combinations,
and how to step into your best life if these are your fingerprint pattern.
Best Life – The Shaman
Best Life – The Pioneer
Public Impact in the Healing Arts
Best Life – The Big Shot
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