Advanced hand analysis class on transition is now.

These last few weeks in Earth School we have been discussing the theme “being in and how to survive being in states of transition.”

Earlier today I was talking with renowned spiritual teacher Marina Borruso on this topic.
Marina gave some really practical advice what to do when faced with really challenging times.
When you feel like you’re going over the waterfall in your canoe.
And, now what?
We also spoke to Vaishali on how transition is normal. We discussed the role name changes play in detail. And, earlier in the week we had Itzhak Beery on the line discussing how and why to find your power animal as a guide.
You can listen to all these calls in the free auditorium of Earth School.

On the hand analysis front, we explored this theme in great detail last week with Richard Unger.
Today we’ll dive even deeper into the same topic by looking at practical examples with Richard – threading these markers with other markers in the hand as well as looking at the theme from the person’s larger soul perspective. (What their fingerprints say.)

These advanced threading calls take place every month.
If you’d like to join the class here’s where you can find out more.
The calls are for experienced hand analysts who wish to keep abreast or stay ahead in the field.
replays of all threading classes are available here:

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