A new course by Richard Unger

This new course by Richard Unger, covering his latest work on decoding hand shape,
is designed to help you fine-tune your skills in guiding people towards their right life.
This is a fast track course that will shave years, if not decades, off your
learning curve, whether you’re a seasoned hand analyst or just starting out in your career.

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Explore 16 Advanced Hand Shape Archetypes in depth. Two 90 minute classes per archetype. 32 classes in total.
Listen to Richard explain each type in great detail while Jena Griffiths asks him probing questions
to clarify key points on the strengths and weaknesses of each type, pattern recognition,
shape variations and advanced threading possibilities.
We explore the archetypes that emerge when one blends Earth, Air, Fire and Water characteristics
with Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo and Mercury types.

hand analysis advanced hand shape classes with Richard Unger of IIHA and Jena Griffiths of Earth School
Master of my Domain Big Ideas / Big Vision Man or Woman of Action The Red Queen

How many classes?
What gets covered?

We explore 16 Mythological Hand Shape Archetypes in depth. Two classes per archetype.
32 calls. On the first call we explore the archetype in detail, unique characteristics
of each type and their special strengths and challenges. In the second call we explore
pattern recognition and query prints, practical applications and variations.
Each call is ninety minutes long. So, in total, three hours per archetype. The whole course
is available to you instantly. You don’t need to download anything, but you can if you wish
to. You get immediate access to all the classes and all the reference documents. Plus all
the pattern recognition documents all markers discussed highlighted in color and search-able
in your reference library. Plus you get access to additional summary notes, other notes
pertaining to the class and transcripts of all 32 calls.

Improve the precision of your readings

advanced hand shape archetype vulcan
Forest Ranger Professor Hephaestus The Musician

Why learn the advanced hand shape archetypes?

“One of the two biggest upgrades to my reading
skills in the last five years has been the increased use of hand
shape variables to narrow down life purpose and life lesson
options. My readings are so much more specific and my clients can
find themselves in my examples much more easily.
I would like to share this knowledge not just with my own students but also
with other hand readers from other schools.”

Richard Unger

artisan Apollo plus Earth advanced hand shape archetypes, discover your inner mastermind advanced hand shapes fire + Apollo
Artisan Web Designer Actress Ballet Dancer

Archetypes explored

Type 1: – Big Ideas (Air plus Jupiter)
Type 2: – Hephaestus
Type 3: – Ballet Teacher
Type 4: – Professor
Type 5: – Web designer
Type 6: – Sherlock
Type 7: – Forest Ranger
Type 8: – Man/woman of Action
Type 9: – Master of my Domain
Type 10: – Red Queen
Type 11: – Hot Ideas
Type 12: – The Actress
Type 13: – Doctor, Lawyer, Guide.
Type 14: – Inner Inquiry
Type 15: – Artisan
Type 16: – The Musician.

water plus Mercury advanced hand shape
Just Plain Smart Sherlock Hot Ideas Inner Enquiry

Jena Griffiths interviews Richard Unger on hand analysis advanced threading

Who is Richard Unger?

Richard is the genius behind modern hand analysis and the teacher of all other accredited hand analysis teachers. He is a world authority on hands, author of LifePrints: decoding your life purpose from your fingerprints and founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA). Richard first decoded life purpose from fingerprints, then he decoded gift markers, heart lines and other line formations and, more recently, advanced hand shape types including the career archetypes. He has an engaging lecture style and is deeply thought provoking. This is an opportunity for you to learn Richard’s most recent work – advanced hand shape archetypes – directly from Richard wherever you are in the world.

Who is Jena Griffiths?

Jena Griffiths is the founder of Earth School. She is a BA BSc hons graduate from the University of Cape Town. (Psychology, Social anthropology and Geography.) Post grad degrees in meteorology, environmental impact and Education. She worked 10 years in advertising as a copywriter before sailing around the world and changing her life completely. She’s a certified master hand analyst, Life Purpose coach and was a IIHA faculty teacher for 10 years. She has been analyzing hands since 2004. She teaches and consults internationally.


Series 1 only (as described on this page)
16 Advanced hand shape archetypes in 32 modules
$2997 $1997

Limited time offer

Get two series for the usual price of one

Get Advanced Hand Shapes Series 1 (16 Advanced Archetypes)
and also get
Advanced hand Shape Series 2 (12 more Advanced Archetypes )
More about this second series of advanced shapes: access here

Get all replays and marked up documents.
All these classes are instantly accessible.

$4997 $2997

Limited time offer!

jena griffiths interviews Richard Unger for Earth School

What people are saying

I’ve being reading hands for over 20 years and teaching Richard’s system for
+ 15 years. I subscribe to Jena’s classes with him because each time at
least 20% is new material. It helps to maintain an exceptionally high
standard and I like to pass this on to my own students.
Richard has such a deep intuitive wisdom about hands and combined with
Jena’s probing questions rich new material rises to the surface.
Thanks Jena for making this series available. It’s a fantastic way for
us to access all the wisdom that Richard hasn’t yet written down.

– Pascal Stoessel
Master Hand Analyst

Brent Bruning
Master Hand Analyst

Kay Packard, M.A.,
Director American Academy of Hand Analysis

” I want to thank you so much for these calls with Richard.
I can’t begin to tell you what a difference they are making for me
in my ability to more confidently work with people. The information
is invaluable and I this is an amazing opportunity you have created
for those in the hand analysis world.
So thank you a million times over!!!!”
– Linda Salazar
Author of Awaken the Genie Within

“The work you do is very important for me and i learned from your classes with Richard much more
than i learned in his class. In fact, my final test score was 106%. WOW!!
Thank you , Val.”
Valeria Lane
Advanced Hand Analyst

“Earth School is no doubt the best online source of hand analysis information in the world!
I consulted it just yesterday because I had a difficult hand to analyze and was blessed to find
the appropriate information I needed. And this was thanks to your endless efforts to make
the hand analysis data base in Earth School so comprehensive and useful. Thanks Jena.”
– N. N. Switzerland
Advanced Hand Analyst

Barbara Vassalli
Master Hand Analyst

Linda Bard
Advanced Hand Analyst

Looking forward to having you with us
in this growing community.

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