Are hands predictive?

As humans we have free will. We can change course in an instant but what stops us?

Herein lies the real gift of hand analysis: you can clearly see the fine root structure just below the surface of your life. Lines represent thoughts you are watering frequently with your emotions. The good news is, knowing this enables you to root out negative or destructive thoughts or beliefs before they have more impact on whatever is going on above the surface. An opportunity for radical de-weeding of your inner landscape.

Thoughts create things. Negative imagination creates unwanted experiences whereas positive imagination enables a tectonic shift in outcomes.

From this perspective perhaps one can actually predict the future. It is based on where you are putting your thoughts and emotions today. A object set in motion doesn’t change direction unless acted upon by a different force. By changing your thoughts and how you feel (the quality of your presence) you change the outcome and hence also the future.

The key is to course correct moment to moment.

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