Are you a genuis or gifted writer?

If you’ve got three or more little vertical lines on your upper pinkie
on either hand these are called ‘lines of genius’.

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Actually lines of genius have nothing to do with
being a genius
. This is a gift marker that indicates a special
ability for mass communication. An ability to take complicated ideas
and simplify them for the masses. Another way of thinking of these lines
is that the channel between you and creative source is wide open.

If you have this marker you need to be writing or public speaking.
Trust in the flow – just do it!

If you’re feeling blocked or somehow “undone” by your own genius,
here’s another post genius advice from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray Love.

Other ways writing talent shows up in your hands?
A writer’s fork at the end of your headline.
A Morning Mist hand shape (water plus air)
Or it could show up in your fingerprints (right pinkie finger purpose).

To find out more about lines of genius and other extra potential
markers in your hands, join as series of 12 classes on gift markings
with me where I interview Richard Unger in-depth on what each marker means or
take an foundational course in hand analysis here.

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  1. Asuri SUNDARARAJAN Reply

    I am a self-taught writer in Tamil and English. I chose to take up a full-time writer. I had my first article published in my 19th year. I was surprised to know from a Chinese Astrologer , ” You are fond of traveling and writing.” By that time 56 Books of mine were published. But I wrote in all 301 books — most of them were ‘solicited assignments’. Professional contentment remains a big question .Look for my books in the web:
    Clairvoyant A SUNDARARAJAN, you may find at least two of them.

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