Are you a good negotiator?

Some people love to bargain. They have a natural talent for negotiation.
How about you?
Take a look at the middle zone of your pinkie finger. If this zone is plump and well nourished – the outer side bulges slightly –
this indicates that you’re a good negotiator.

large middle zone of Mercury finger free hand anaylsis tips
Sometimes this entire zone is missing or its really skinny, indicating the person would rather pack their bags and leave than have to negotiate.
How about you?
The good news is negotiation skills can be learnt and improved.
Some people say the real negotiation only starts when you say no. So just say no. Then see what happens next. There are heaps of excellent courses out there such as this one below by Roger Dawson.
To find out more about other markers on or under the pinkie finger, get my foundational class on this topic here.

Do you get intimidated by fast-talking sales people? Did you ever wonder if you could have got a better price on anything you’ve purchased? These are some of the questions everybody has asked at one time or another. The good news is that you not only can determine the best price on anything you want, you can also get the salesperson to want to give you the best price that they can. Roger Dawson will guide you through all the necessary skills to negotiate the best possible deal for yourself in any situation.

2 thoughts on “Are you a good negotiator?

  1. Rizza Gamutan Reply

    The question is will I make a good negotiator? That will really depend on what you negotiate and how familiar you are with your transaction. I guess you need to know more on what you should do to be a great negotiator.

  2. Adela Reply

    May I simply say what a comfort to uncover someone who actually understands what
    they’re talking about online. You definitely understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important.

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