Are you a Land Rover or a lawnmower?

Some people are capable of carrying the whole world on their shoulders.
They are like 4X4s: sturdy, grounded, built to spend lots of time outdoors.

These are men and women of honor, who keep their word and are both loyal and dependable.
If you had to compare this hand type to a car you’d say they’re Jeep or a Land Rover rather than Volvo or Lamborghini.
But like 4X4s, there are numerous models. You can have the no-frills version, like the hand below. (Note how there are virtually no lines.)
earth palmistry marker, hand analysis

Or you can have the more elaborate Land Rover, packed with hi-tech sensors and other sophisticated equipment.
For example, the hand below is also an Earth hand (square palm plus short fingers) but notice all the fine lines and more refined texture.
how to read a palm, scientific hand analysis, palmistry, palm reading markers
Both these types are salt of the earth. If he’s your friend, he’s your friend forever. Both of them love the outdoors.
So what’s the difference?
The first hand you might find in a carpentry, on a building site or running the family farm.
The second hand is a psychologist who runs workshops outdoors helping his clients become more grounded.

Now add to this the finger lengths for a more advanced analysis:
Is the index linger longer than normal? This is called the Master of my Domain type.
Or is the middle finger longer? the Forest Ranger type.
Or is the Ring finger longer? The carpenter or artisan type. (type 1 above)
Or is the pinkie longer than normal? The Sand-bagger (someone who’s clever but you’d never guess).
Or is the Venus zone extremely large? Like hand 2 above.

So you see, just by looking at the overall shape of a hand you can already learn an enormous amount about who you are and what you’re best at. Each of these types has his or her own unique strengths and challenges.
To learn more about hand shape take a basic course here
or join me for the advanced hand shape classes every month in Earth School with Richard Unger. The next call is tomorrow.
You’ll get a replay of all the types covered so far when you sign in.

And the lawnmower type? That’s you no matter what your hand shape type, if you own a garden and don’t want the grass to grow under your feet.
😉 Happy summer. Stay tuned.

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