Are you a moon person?

Are you from the moon? (join us there today)
The other day a friend sent me a postcard that said:

To: Jena Griffiths
Address: The moon!

Next time I saw her I thanked her and said it was the first time anyone had ever got my address right!

Why am I so proud of this?

The moon is a very special part of your hand.
It represents the deep, largely unconscious side of you.
It’s also the seat of your sacred, spiritual side and source of imagination.

Here’s an easy way to understand this:
Hold up a hand and wiggle your thumb around.

Your thumb represents your will power.

Now try to touch the rest of your palm
and fingers of the same hand with your thumb.

Where can’t you touch?

The part of your palm that your thumb can’t touch is called your moon. This is the part of you that your willpower can’t

Richard Unger, the person who taught me this,
calls the moon ‘your cellar’. Quite apt, because it’s the bottom outer edge of the palm, furthest from thumb.

Moon people are on this planet but not of it. They’re listening to a different drummer.
They’re the shamans, the clairvoyants, the spiritual teachers and the life coaches.

We’ll be going to the moon in today’s mastermind call.
Are you coming with us?
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Markers Discussed: fingerprints patterns in the palm, moon markers, whorl in moon, arch in moon, moon star, line of clairvoyance, via lascivia, escape line, Icarus line.

Would love to have you with us,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

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