Are you a slumdog millionaire?

There’s a scene in the movie Slumdog millionaire that I just can’t shake out of my head.

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In it the hero recalls how he and his brother are led to believe that they’re being trained to become professional singers but in reality they were being prepared for a life on the streets as professional beggars.

After they’ve escaped, his brother explains their ‘guardian’s intentions:

“They were going to take your eyes out with a spoon!”

My first impression was to think,
how can someone do that to another human.

It’s easy to point fingers at other cultures while sitting in padded cimema seats but actually something very similar is going on all around us. It’s more subtle but no less brutal.

Each time you squish another person’s dreams you take their eyes out with a spoon.

What value is life if you can no longer see or follow the vision of your heart?
We do this to our own childen, our loved ones and even to ourselves all the time.

Are you allowing others to clip your wings?
Do you believe others when they say “Your dream’s too big” or “Who do you think you are anyway?”

Whenever you hear the words “You can’t!” run away immediately.
Maybe this person is trying to help you earn a living.
But in the long run, is this a life worth living?

It’s your life.
Never give up on your dreams.

If you’re unclear about your dreams or can’t figure out why you keep blocking yourself from realising them, consider life purpose hand analysis. This is a form of non-predictive palm reading that uses the information encoded in your fingerprints to determine your core fears.

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34 thoughts on “Are you a slumdog millionaire?

  1. mark@bunn coffee makers Reply

    I have found that many people do try to clip your dreams, especially when they feel inferior for not trying themselves. I get a lot of criticism about taking the leap in starting my own business from people like that.

  2. Self Help Guide Reply

    yap, I’ve just finished this chapter in the afternoon.
    I am angry with those ‘guardian’, however, often same things still happened everyday all over the world.
    Shame on those who destory other’s dream!!

  3. Lucas SanCabo Reply

    This may seem strange but I couldn’t see the image above, I am using FireFox 2. anyways, what I read was very good and I enjoyed it. I was thinking about print it out, do I have permission to do that?

  4. Peter@Finding Happiness Reply

    As long as you enjoy what you are doing whether it is planning a dream, striving to achieve a dream or living with the fruits of a dream fulfilled then there is no problem at all. It could only be construed as a problem if any of these situations made you unhappy.

  5. nollywood films Reply

    The film is a big hit here in my country. I must admit that somehow my country and India have a lot of similarities and it pains to know that this things can’t be totally eradicated.

  6. Infant Reply

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  7. Walk In Bathtubs Reply

    Thanks for sharing this, I found it very inspiring. Sometimes it is something we forget and it is good to come across to read again. Thanks!

  8. RTA Cabinets Reply

    This is a post everyone should read. It’s so easy for so many of us to sit back and just look at it like it’s a movie. NO! People need to realize that the life of the boys in the movie is realistic. It’s in so many people to “clip the wings” of others. Whether it’s intentional or not it should be a motivation to you. I agree with you to the fullest and thank you for sharing your post.

  9. Glee Season 2 Reply

    would it be possible to translate your website into spanish because i have difficulties of speaking to english, and as there are not many pictures on your website i would like to read more of what you are writting.

  10. 125cc Scooters Reply

    Jena – Google has it’s own translate feature which is quite good, not fully accurate yet but it’s getting there.

    As for the film, I enjoyed watching it once but it’s not something I could watch over and over again. Scooters and vehicles in it were quite interesting though – not something you see much over here in the UK!

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