Are you an addict?

Do you have extreme appetites that you have no control over?
For some people it’s chocolate, for others it’s sex, drugs… even exercise.
How does this show up in your hands in an extreme form and what to do?
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One way that addiction shows up in hands is through an “escape line” also called a Via Lascivia that runs right over the life line into the Venus area of the palm. This line shows that the person struggles to control their appetites.
What to do if this is you?
Step 1. Get yourself the book titled Positive Addiction by William Glasser for good advice on how to turn this quality into a strength that works to your benefit.
Step 2. Recent studies show that self forgiveness is really important. Apparently it’s even more effective than nicotine patches at curing addiction to cigarettes.
Why is this?
Being more gentle on yourself, understanding that it’s human to make mistakes, allows you to separate your behavior from your identity. You are not your mistake. You can change how you see yourself and also the choices you make as a result.

Also you can change your brain in a matter of months by adding one or more of the following:
more sleep, exercise, meditation, more fresh plants in your diet.

What else?
Craving comes in waves and you can learn to “surf the urge”

Just notice the craving and trust that the feeling comes in waves. You can ride it out and come out on top on the other side.
1. Notice the craving
2. Accept it
3. and then breathe – giving yourself a chance to pause and plan.
4. Choose a different action.
Willpower is a muscle that can be trained.
These tips come from Dr Kelly McGonigal a health psychologist and lecturer at Standford University.
For more about this read another post by me on her work
Or get her book, the Willpower Instinct.

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  1. David Reply

    The post was quite persuasive, and it is really difficult to get over your addiction at times. Addiction is not necessarily about drinking or smoking, my friend is addicted to watching movies. He has to watch movies everyday or else he feels depressed. I will try to find out that line in his hand, hopefully I can help him.

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