Are you angry with your partner?

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We’ve all been angry at some point with someone we love.

Feeling an emotion, even a dark one,  in the moment is healthy and normal.

But what if you hold onto that feeling of anger, and keep calling it up, over and over,

until it etches a vivid, dagger-like line in your hand?

This can happen!

What does an anger line look like?

Anger lines related to partnership hang under the heart line in the place to do with partnership and intimacy.

They look like daggers hanging off a belt.

There might be one, two or even three.

If you’d like to see and example, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

What to do if you have one?

The first step is recognising the big difference between feelings and emotions. Feelings come and go but emotions are self inflicted because they’re feelings created by our thoughts.

The person who really explains this well is Richard Moss, in his book The Mandala of Being, which lays out a simple way of freeing yourslf of this self torture.

Moss says, “It’s not what your partner does, but what you think about what your partner does” that causes the pain.

Being able to see that we are choosing to have this thought is half the battle won.

palm marker related to relationship problems
A partnership anger line hangs under the heart line

Next week’s topic all with Richard Unger  we’ll be looking at some of the prime causes of partnership problems, how this shows up in hands and also how hands show very workable solutions.  If you’d like to join us for this call you can enroll here.

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