Are you feeling isolated?

Look at your hands. Is your pinkie finger standing slightly on it’s own away from the other fingers?

The image above is an extreme version of this. In this case the pinkie is no longer supported by the palm.
It looks like it is falling off a cliff. If this is you, it is time to phone a friend. Reconnect with people around you.
Also reconnect with your divinity, inner voice and spirit guides. Empty your mind to reconnect. (Count backwards fomr 50 if necessary, or simply focus on your breath or the feeling of being inside your body. ) Remember you are never alone. If it feels like you are alone it’s because you are getting washed away on your thoughts.

Another marker related to feeling isolated is when the middle section of the ring finger gets compressed
or starts to look concave. If you have this marker it means that at some point in your life you felt like you didn’t fit in. Just like the duckling who was really a swan had trouble fitting in with duck society. He thought he was an ugly duckling but actually he was a swan trying to fit into a group that was not of his calibre.
Is this you? If so, this marker means – find your “Swan Group.”

Stop hanging around and trying to fit in with the wrong crowd. They are never going to see who you really are in a zillion years.
What to do? Get clear on where you’d like to be 5 years from now. Spend time with people who stretch you to be the best you can be or who are already where you want to be. Take courses and seminars with these people if necessary and meet other Swans in the process.
These are just two of the markers we have discussed recently in our weekly hand analysis calls with Richard Unger in Earth School.
You can join us for as little at $37 per month and learn about these markers first hand from the maestro behind scientific hand analysis.

3 thoughts on “Are you feeling isolated?

  1. Daria Boissonnas Reply

    Ugh, have both of those. Great points! I would just add that these folks should know it’s OK to honor who they are and hang out with their swan group. They benefit the world more this way because they are supported and can shine as a swan.

    Question: I was told the waisted center segment of the ring finger had to do with challenges as a teen (can’t remember what kind), which I certainly experienced, but I like your interpretation better. I have been writing for years about healers feeling like ugly ducklings and how to find their swans. Love it!!!

    Thanks Jena!!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Good point, Daria thanks. Re teenager challenges – these are niche issues. Being part of the group is a big deal during your teen years.
      So feeling like you don’t fit in is even more stressful. This is why Richard Unger nicknamed this “Ugly Duckling syndrome.” This doesn’t mean you felt ugly, although if you did I guess this would then compound the condition.

  2. Alexa Reply

    Being isolated is hard but it only happens if you let yourself be isolated. Once our kids fell isolated in the household they tend to find that something from friends and sometimes they get involved with the wrong crowd, this is a possibility. Lesson learned: don’t isolate your kids if you don’t want to lose them.

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