Are you hiding?

fear of showing up hand analysis class
You know you’re talented. You’ve got everything going for you but still you hide?
If you can identify with this feeling, stay tuned.

My next radio show with Richard Unger will be Thursday 29 September 2011.
The topic? Showing up

What will we discuss?

  • Why would some people rather go broke than shine?
  • What part of you wishes to stay invisible and why?
  • How to identify the deeper reasons why don’t want to be seen
  • Which hand markers can give you a clue to what’s really going on
  • How can you support the part of you that’s afraid of other people’s evaluation?
  • And lots more.

This is an Earth School Inner Circle call.
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How does wanting to stay invisible show up in hands?

Here’s a key marker that indicates this.

Examine the 4 fingers on each of your hands. You’ll notice that each finger is divided into 3 zones.
So, on each hand there are 12 finger zones. Is one much bigger or smaller than the others?
If the top zone of your ring finger is smaller than all the other finger zones, this is a clear indicator
that you’re busy doing some serious hiding.
hand analysis online classes hand marker that indicates not showing up
Action steps you can take right now
Hold this zone (the tip of your ring finger) and imagine yourself breathing life into it.
Is it possible that you’re hiding cause you want others to come looking for you?
Or are you staying small so as not to offend others or to stay safe?
Ask yourself: what’s the downside of me showing up and living my gifts?
Are the stories you’re telling yourself really true?
How can you change or re-dream these stories to give yourself more space to shine?

Or do you fear that the whole world will boo you off the stage?
It helps knowing that the rejection we imagine is always 10 times worse and far more brutal than the real thing.
Take small steps into this danger zone. Each time you go there it becomes less threatening.
“Feel the fear and do it anyway. ”

Interestingly, this hand marker, even though it’s nr 1 on the list, isn’t amoung those selected by Richard to discuss on this call.
I’m curious to find out why and also what advice he will give for breaking through this self imposed exile.

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  1. Jaime Hepp Reply

    Every person has talents but can’t always identify this. I really profited from reading this post and i m now very happy.

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