Are you hoping to make money online by promoting others through affiliate schemes?

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Affiliate marketing Programs are essentially sophisticated schemes for stealing your most your most precious and fragile possession.

What’s that?

Your time.

I think what’s happening online is a kind of 21 century imperialism.

In the last millenium vast tracts of land were stolen on every continent, usually in the name of God, Jesus and Mohammad.

The result? Economic slavery and submission of the original inhabitants.

Now the borders are more blurred and the violation is more subtle.

These days online marketers use clever marketing to get you to spend hours and hours working for them for free.  Often they use spirit and enlightenment as a justification for this theft.

The people who mostly fall prey to affiliate shemes are relative newcomers to online marketing. In the first year of having a website people tend to spend days and even weeks signing up for affiliate schemes and pasting links to other people’s sites onto their site. This is not how more seasoned onliners do it. They don’t paste other people’s links on their site but instead promote them in emails.

What you need to know about Affiliate marketing

You will not make money signing up for other people’s affiliate schemes  unless you have a big list really know what you are doing, or if team up with other people in joint ventures or are willing to make this your main focus.

If you don’t have a  list you’re in danger of jeapodarising valuable relationships by trying to sell stuff to your friends.

People get sucked into online marketing because they think they will make quick easy money online. This is a one way ticket to hell.

Ask yourself honestly, why am I doing this? If you think online marketing will help you create enough passive income so that you can have time to do the think you really love, this is faulty thinking. Online marketing is a full time job and becoming an affiliate marketer is really the first step on  a long costly apprenticeship.

Do you really wish to spend hours and hours online?  Is this the highest expression of your excellence? Wouldn’t it be better to serve the world doing what you really love. Living your life purpose?

Sometimes getting involved in these schemes is a way of avoiding living your true calling.

Why is that?

Many people rather go broke than live their life purpose. This has to do with your life lesson, the thing that triggers you, causing you to dump your energy if you are not aware of what you’re doing.

If you are thinking of starting your own affiliate scheme, first ask yourself: are you willing to abuse unconscious people and get them to freely give up their precious time to promote you, knowing full well that the hours they spend will never be repaid?

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57 thoughts on “Are you hoping to make money online by promoting others through affiliate schemes?

  1. mark@bunn coffee makers Reply

    It is totally possible to make affiliate marketing money if you know what you’re doing, but you are so right that the majority of people sucked into it are wasting their time and being robbed.

  2. Jean@ZineGuru Website Marketing Reply

    Definitely right on with quick easy money online for new comers. So many newbies think making money on the Internet is a get rich quick scheme, which cannot be further from the truth.

    Before getting into that, you really need to know what you’re trying to do because you can waste time and energy and go in the wrong direction.

    Making money online should be treated just like a real and long time business not a fast road for riches. It takes time, hard work and patience to succeed. Nothing is handed on a plate for you.

  3. Robert@Transfer money Poland Reply

    I can hardly agree here. Yes there’s a trap for newbies but which business doesn’t? I think affiliate programs are good start for online business and the need for capital is very low. Sure one can get robbed but this happens even to experienced affiliates – I’ve had a case with one car rental aggregation site, made few thousand in the first month and they refused to pay out because they said “i’ve been cheating”. Just be careful who do you subscribe with – read reviews, search for opinions from fellow webmasters.

  4. Reza@Anyone Can Make Money Online Reply

    Many humans rather go bankrupt than reside their activity purpose. This has to do with your activity lesson, the affair that triggers you, causing you to dump your activity if you are not acquainted of what you’re doing.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      many humans would rather go bankrupt than live their life purpose because to live it they first have to grow a part of themselves that they fear growing more than anything else. This shows up in your fingerprints as your life lesson. I’ve written about this quite a bit and if you’d like to learn how to read your own fingerprints you can do this in my members zone. I’m teaching the next class on line on 18 Aug.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Just get very clear on what your core genius is and focus on that otherwise you’ll get lost and try to make money doing other things. This is when you become vulnerable to affiliate schemes and end up giving your precious time awayto others. You know in your heart of hearts what your core genius is. Your fingerprints can help you figure out why you aren’t living this because they show what’s blocking you.

  5. Henk@join affiliate programs Reply

    It’s possible to make money using affiliate programs. Believe me, i work at a company that employs several hundred people and works with affiliate marketing exclusively. Very few people know how to actually pull it off though. It takes a lot of work and it’s definitely no “get rich quick” strategy.

  6. Audrey@real estate miami Reply

    Very nice article buddy! I’ve seen people who earn through Affiliate Marketing but it’s all down to for whom you work. If there’s no credibility, don’t waste your time on them. Your points are very nice that sometimes we get so much cluttered with our work that we don’t find time for things we love. We don’t enjoy life anymore. Take a break for few minutes and ask few questions from yourself! You’ll get answers from within what you need to do.

  7. Jane @ work at home in canada Reply

    As an online advertising specialist, I became financially successful. And when I am just a regular clerk in an accounting office, I don’t know that I could be in my position right now… me in the comfort of my own home, doing my work, earning more, besides my beloved family, and we could afford to travel and to buy our kids what they want every weekend.

    There is an answer to the financial crisis that the world is experiencing. That is why I am calling my peers who also work at home to stretch our arms more; lets spread the wonderful news further that everyone of us could reach the moment that money isn’t a major problem in our household anymore.

  8. Best affiliate networks Reply

    Thanks for the great share! Anyone who have any experience in this Internet Marketing world knows that money doesn’t come easy, it doesn’t matter what methods you are using, you have to work for every single penny!

  9. Bryan@The Newbie University Reply

    There are many people who make a ton of money being an affiliate that don’t promote through lists. Thats one of the biggest misconceptions going. There are thousands of article marketers that are making 6 figures a year that do nothing but promote other peoples products. It’s all how you leverage your time.

  10. Nicole@Background Check Reply

    Affiliate marketing is just one among many ways on how to make money online. Keep on reading articles and ways on how to make it big on money making online. Educate yourself and ask the help of mentors or professionals to be able to attain success.

  11. monika@online games Reply

    I’m concentrating on educating myself about affiliate marketing and still learning at the moment. I’ve been unknowingly following most of your advice here, but this will be great reference for me in the future.

  12. Janine@Local Services Reply

    Even if the ad says “get rich quick” which is very unlikely, you really need to work for it just like any job on the planet. The only difference is, the results vary on how hard you work.

  13. Bryan@The Newbie University Reply

    I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one. You do not have to have a list in order to do well as an affiliate. If your into the make money online niche you may, but there are tons of products you can be an affiliate for and make money. You can be an affiliate for or even Ebay. It’s all about knowing what your doing. But you don’t have to sell your soul to do it.

  14. Heather Reply

    Couldn’t agree more with you. Most affiliate programs are a complete waste of time and money, and lots of them are complete scams. It’s nice to know that there are people out there writing about this, because most of what you read is directly from affiliates writing about affiliate programs and how great they are. This is refreshing and honest, and I appreciate it!

  15. used strollers for sale Reply

    You’re 100% right. That’s how these email reading and survey sites work. The money is almost always in getting people to sign up under you rather using the product for a greater good.

  16. Make Money Online Reply

    All you need to do is join one affiliate network, choose one product and promote it as much as possible. If it makes no sales one-two months after you’ve gone all out with promotion move on to the next product.

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