Are you in control? Can you stand your ground?

Our happiness depends on how in control we feel of our own lives.
This has a different meaning for each of us.

Some people need to be in charge of the world around them. To be the boss at home or at work.
Others just try to control themselves: their minds, habits, attitude or character.
How about you?
Do you need to take charge of a big territory?
And how about when things get rough.
Do stand your ground like a sumo wrestler? Or do you avoid conflict at all cost?
Take a look at the index finger below.
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If you have a big lower zone on the index finger (more than 20% bigger than the other finger zones) this means you like to be in charge of a big territory.
You’re “the Godfather” in your world ! 🙂
If this part of your index finger is really skinny and smaller than the other 12 finger zones then you’re the opposite type – this means you avoid conflict at all cost.
A grid pattern on this zone indicates that territorial conflict is a reality.

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The next call is today. Left index finger issues. There are replays for all calls.

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  1. Sam Reply

    You are absolutely correct about this Jena. I have started analysing peole’s hands following your posts, and I was stunned to see that whatever you wrote in this article is cent per cent true. I am very excited to learn more about hand analysis, please keep us posted.

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