Are you in danger of “pidgin” hand analysis?

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Once I spent a few months exploring the islands of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. This is a fascinating paradise where the official language is a kind of “pidgin” English. Obviously the language has its merits because the 300 odd local tribes there no longer eat each other as a way of resolving personal misunderstandings.

😉 Still, to anyone trained in standard English, listening to a pidgin derivative is a painful and often hilarious experience.

I sometimes wonder if this is how Richard Unger feels when he hears his former students grossly simplifying or embroidering onto the rich and finely nuanced system he developed called “hand analysis”.

The problem is, each of us has our own area of speciality. For example, some hand analysts specialise in life purpose, or in how to build a profitable business. Others in partnership or in building self esteem. Or in communication or numerous other fields. But the man who figured out the entire system, Richard Unger, has spent over 40 years specialising in and still researching the precise nuances and combinations of hand markers and what they mean.

That’s like specialising in grammar rather than writing novels or “how to do XYZ” books.

Hand analysis is a complex language. And, whether you’re using it for your own personal self awareness or as a key skill in your tool kit, it pays to refine and check your grammar and stay current with new interpretations.

Just as every serious writer has “The elements of style” by Strunk and White in their book case, so too does anyone looking at hands need Richard’s ever expanding body of work as an essential reference guide.

This is why I have made this latest series with Richard so affordable. So that, whatever your background, you can afford to have Richard’s latest thinking “on your bookshelf”. And even if you don’t listen to them right away, you can access them for more precision and depth whenever this is called for.

The next call in the series is “Can’t say no” this Thursday.

Here’s the link for more information plus links to previous topics.

(If you’re already a member of Earth School Inner Circle, please check your mail box for your sign in details for Thursday.)

Looking forward to having you with us for this important call

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