Are you living in disguise?

jena griffiths

How does hiding show up in hands?

It’s not possible to show up and shine if you aren’t being your genuine self.
If you’re living a lie. Or trying to hide under a bushel.

Last week we explored the theme “Hiding vs Showing Up ” from the perspective of authenticity with
Richard Unger.

Today, we’ll be continuing this theme, threading markers together to find solutions from an advanced hand analysis perspective.

How does hiding show up in hands?
Here’s a classic example – The Clark Kent line.
superman in disguise palm marker
This marker indicates that, like Superman’s alter ego, the person has a second life that other’s (perhaps even his close family) don’t know about.
Sometimes you see this marker when a person has a gift that they are not living, for example, the gifted healer.

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7 thoughts on “Are you living in disguise?

  1. Kiran Katawa Reply

    Hi Jena,
    Is this the same as presence of a horizontal line on the mount of Venus? or its this horizontal line on mount of Venus crossing the life line and touching the mount of Moon?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      I think you mean the Clark Kent line which is similar in meaning but has a sharp angle but the line you describe is a co-dependency line which has a totally different meaning.

  2. Kiran Katawa Reply

    Hi Jena,
    sorry, I saw this reply today.
    I didn’t get you clearly here.
    I am referring to the green line you have marked – the Clark Kent line.
    Do you mean its same as loyalty line(horizontal line on the mount of Venus), but, with a sharp angle?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Loyality line? Not in our system.
      Do you perhaps mean a co-dependency line? This is a horizontal line very low in the palm running across Venus and moon.

  3. Kiran Katawa Reply

    In the picture, the clark-kent line is also running across Venus and moon. How do you differentiate it from co-dependcy line?

  4. Kiran Katawa Reply

    Okay. thank you for the clarification.
    So, a clark-kent line has an angle then.
    B.t.w. should it end in Neptune or it can go to mount of moon also?

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