Are you responsible or irresponsible?

One of my father’s favorite sayings was “Let’s give the cat the canary!”
He’d say this whenever he was about to throw caution to the wind and be ridiculously generous.
give the cat the canary

When he and my mother were young entrepreneurs just starting out, their bank manager once said,
“Mr and Mrs Griffiths, you two are skating on very thin ice!”
Somehow they fell in love with this idea. Decades later they were still looking lovingly into each other’s eyes and repeating his warning to each other in deep, gravelly voices.

Were they irresponsible? Not at all. They were good solid citizens. But they got a thrill from going for it even if they didn’t have a huge bank balance. There’s a thin line between enjoying life and not caring about the consequences.

How about you?
Do you skate on thin ice?
Fly kites in storms or perhaps even give the cat the canary?

Our next call with Richard Unger is on the topic is responsibility vs irresponsibility.

We’ll be looking at three types of responsibility:

Emotional responsibility, intellectual responsibility and spiritual responsibility
and exploring what hands have to say about this subject.

Richard has thought deeply about this subject over more than 40 years of reading hands and I’m really looking forward to hearing his views.

For more information, or to join this call, go here:

I was totally irresponsible this summer and took an extended break (or perhaps that’s being responsible??)
I’ve posted at bit on this in Earth School.

2 thoughts on “Are you responsible or irresponsible?

  1. Jules Reply

    I myself can say that I am not responsible for almost my entire life and would say that my wife wants to leave me because all of my mistakes the last six years of our relationship. But now since that is happening she has given me a good idea in life and I am willing to be what she wants, to make myself responsible enough. I missed her so much and love her too much.


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