Are you responsible?

When I was a kid I once tried to read a school essay I hadn’t done off a blank page. The problem was I didn’t quite pull it off and kept stumbling over the still unformed sentences.
Eventually my teacher said, “Bring your essay up here so that I can read it!”
I slammed my book shut and walked slowly up to the front of the class, mind grasping at straws as to how I was going to get out of the hole I was busy digging myself into, deeper and deeper with every step.
The teacher searched through my book for the essay, asking where it was, and I told it was written on a loose page. Eventually we had everyone in the class looking under their desks for the missing page. When it didn’t turn up I told her that it must have flown out the window. It wasn’t there either and I speculated that it may have been gobbled up a dog. Someone else suggested that perhaps “Mother Maria” the ghost that haunted our school had taken it. Then the best minds in the class were fired up and a few other wild conspiracy stories were proposed. Unfortunately, the girl sitting behind me put her hand up and ended the class speculation by tattle telling that she had seen me reading off a blank page.

Why am I telling you this?

Our topic this week is Right Saturn life lesson – accountability, responsibility and personal integrity.

The life lesson I learned from my “non-essay” experience was that it’s better to tell the truth right up front or things rapidly escalate. You end up having a mountain of a problem to deal with instead of a molehill.

Why is it that some of us need to explore this territory more than others? How come the girl sitting behind me with her two perfect plaits, and neat “light up dark down” hand writing didn’t ever have my kind of problems at school?

This is what we’ll be discussing today on our call with Richard Unger.
We’ll be looking at this from the perspective of fingerprints (life scale themes)-
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Hand Analysis Tip

Responsibility in your hands

Fingerprints are one side of the story. The other part is personality.
From a personality perspective, your Saturn line (also called a career line or a fate line) is a rather good indicator of how good you are with accountability, follow through and responsibility. In other words, its a good predictor of whether or not the dog ever ate your homework. 😉
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If you do have this line the danger is you are so responsible you do everyone else’s work as well as your own but perhaps not the things that really support your own talents. If so, you can change this. Get clearer on your goals and explore ways you can make this incredible strength support your journey rather than sabotage it.

If you don’t have this line, or it starts strong and ends halfway through your hand, make sure you get yourself a team. People who are good at completion and can follow through on all your brilliant ideas on your behalf.
Very few people have such a strong Saturn line as the one above. Be happy if you have one at all.
Here’s another example of a really good strong Saturn line.
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4 thoughts on “Are you responsible?

  1. Dyon Reply

    Hi Jena, I too had learned a lesson in my childhood about lying, it affected me so much that it left footprints on my mind. Whenever there is a situation which requires me to lie, I straight away think of that day and refuse to lie. It has saved me always from being blamed for things I haven’t done.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Dyon,

      Yes. Luckily these things happen before we become jaded or desensitized…a healthy conscious is always good.

  2. Jeo Reply

    Hi Jena, I have been wondering all my life why I needed a team to work with. I myself was in shock seeing my performance as a team. But I know now why was that so, I have that line in my hand, but it is broken halfway, which justifies my need of a team. Thanks for answering my life long query.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Well Jeo, at least you have a Saturn line. Many people don’t have one at all but that’s another story for another day….

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