Are you too pushy?

When your index finger looks like it’s falling towards your thumb this indicates you have a tendency towards
forcing your will or perhaps being pushy.

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The energy of the thumb (your will) pulls your index finger (power/influence) out of its normal alignment.
Meaning you’re imposing your will on your expression of power or influence.)

Is this your left hand? Then this means you are trying to be forceful at home or in your family.

The extreme version? If the lower part of the index finger gets very big and the finger is short this means the person could try to compensate for lack of confidence by being forceful. The big lower zone is connected to wanting to be in charge of your territory.

What to do?

The good news is you have a huge amount of willful energy.
How can you use this energy positively?
By working on self mastery rather than on influencing others or your environment.
This is called the art of “kaizen” in Japan.
Pushing yourself towards continuous self improvement in body, mind and soul as a daily practice.

How to do this?
Create your own daily practice to suit your conditions,
such as developing habits of eating and breathing properly
and setting aside an hour each morning for exercise, meditation, inspirational reading and positive self talk.
Plus time during the evening or day for self reflection, appreciation of nature and music.

“Saying you do not have time to improve yourself, whether this means improving your mind or nourishing your spirit, is much like saying you do not have time to stop for gas because you’re too busy driving.” Robin Sharma

I like Robin Sharma’s 10 rituals towards self mastery in his book The monk who sold his Ferrari but I don’t agree with the minute details of what he writes. For example, some people really do need more sleep than others and some body types may need meat while others not. Listen to your body and inner knowing rather than follow other people blindly.

Are you feeling pushed by someone else?

Did you ever read Carlos Castenada’s take on the “petty tyrant”?
These are people who constantly test us.
Their role is to make you more aware and vigilant; and more disciplined about
conserving your energy and not giving it away whenever someone tries to hijack you emotionally.

Can you let go of your need to be right?
And not get upset by whatever someone else is saying?
As Deepak Chopra says, “Defenselessness is the key to invincibility.” If you’ve got nothing to
defend then there’s nothing to attack.
If you are at loggerheads, can you step aside and hear what they are saying merely as an interesting point of view, different to your own view but equally valid?

We spoke about this and the work of Erwin Yalom and developing inner and outer listening skills during the call on miscommunication with Richard Unger last December. You can access this call here

This is my third post on finger alignment. For toppling ring fingers see my previous post.
For topping pinkie’s scroll down. Next we’ll look at the middle finger. Stay posted.

What are Sharma’s 10 rituals for self mastery?
creating a daily habit of
appreciation of nature
breathing properly
inspirational reading
self reflection
early awakening
appreciation of music
positive self talk affirmations
congruent character

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