Axiom 3 of Soul Psychology – the validity of the personality

Our next Earth School monthly topic call with Richard Unger is today, 4 September 2012.
We’re exploring axiom 3 of soul psychology.
“The Validity of the Personality”.

In this call we will explore why a proper understanding of hand shape dynamics is absolutely crucial to
understanding a person’s life purpose and life lessons.
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Tuesday, 4 September 2012. 11 am Pacific, 8 pm Central Europe.
In July we explored axiom 1 of Soul Psychology in detail and in August axiom 2.
Axiom 1 – experience required
You are a spirit having a human experience. You are here to have experience.
Life is a process. Be gentle on yourself. This is a lifetime journey.
Axiom 2 – the Paradox principle
How a person handles opposites of orientation and motivation is at the center of Richard’s approach to hands.
Understanding Life Purpose Inverse is a vital tool for creating a life of deeper meaning.
Axiom 3 – the Validity of the Personality
Today’s call.
We’ll be exploring all 5 principles of this axiom as laid out in LifePrints Deluxe – Richard Unger’s +500 page manuscript from which the shorter printed edition of LifePrints was compiled.

Here’s a summary of all 5 principle’s of Axiom 3
– extracted from LifePrints Deluxe by Richard Unger
Principle #1 – The personality is the vehicle; the soul sets the agenda.
Neither can exist here in this three-dimensional plane without the other.

Principle #2 – We are neither all soul nor all personality.
The dance between the two is what makes life the interesting drama it is.

Principle #3 – The personality is both attracted to and resistant to the task at hand.
As the personality gains in experience, the soul has a chance to accomplish its mission.
Only when the personality is sufficiently prepared will the next phase of the Life Purpose emerge.

Principle #4 – The personality can serve to animate the Life Purpose or suppress it.

Principle #5 – To become the advanced version of your personality type follow these two rules:
Rule #1 Be Your Type, Rule #2 Integrate Your Opposite.

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