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Jena grew up in South Africa and, after graduating from the University of Cape Town spent a few years traveling before settling down to a decade in advertising, as a copywriter. She also worked as a teacher and as a community worker in rural Africa.

Jena was SA triathlon champ in 1988 and South Africa’s leading woman cyclist in the late 80’s and early 90’s. She pioneered women’s cycling in SA, co-founding the women’s cycling association, running seminars and workshops for women, lobbying for separate starts and equal prize money. She also put together the country’s first professional women’s cycling team.

After a crisis of meaning in her late 30’s, Jena gave up her career in advertising and spent several years living on a sailing boat.

Since 2004 Jena has focused her interests on using fingerprints as a life purpose blueprint. She now lives in Canton Zurich, Switzerland.

‘I believe we’re deeply guided but we’re also at the helm. We are more powerful than we realize. It’s what keeps us going and what we fear most.

As a species we’re rapidly waking up to our enormous power as conscious co-creators but the journey has to be made individually by each one of us, through self mastery.

Hand Analysis has helped me understand and move my life forward more rapidly than any other technique I’ve come across. It’s a powerful self-expansion tool because it reveals the bigger you. It also maps your interior landscape, showing the forces at play and how you can harness these forces.

‘Over the years I’ve learned that collecting degrees, diplomas, awards and certificates doesn’t give you license to do anything. Nor does it fill the hole inside. The work has to be done from inside out.

Since 2004 Jena has been totally immersed in the world of hands and now teaches all she has learned online in web classes. She took the International Institute of hand Analysis’s yearlong certification course, advanced and master course with Richard Unger and all available post graduate courses. Jena continues to upgrade her database and skills as a hand analyst and as a consultant on an ongoing basis..

‘Every year I spend a fortune on self help courses, developing skills that help me on both a personal and professional basis. The more I grow and learn the more I an able to help others do the same.

I came into hand analysis impressed but also highly critical.
I have a very skeptical nature yet continue to be deeply impressed by the depth and accuracy of this work.

Usually a once off hand analysis is all you need to get you going. However, I also work with people on an ongoing basis, using a combination of hand analysis, coaching and life purpose support techniques to help you make the changes you’d like to make.

I think one of the greatest luxuries I have allowed myself over the years is the ability to change shape or direction without worrying too much about the consequences or what others might think. I know what it’s like to be in hell and I know most of the paths out. I’m here to help you, whether it’s by changing your life radically or just by shifting your attitude slightly to make the changes you need.’

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