Become a certified hand analyst in Europe

Good news for people living in Europe or the UK.
Richard Unger will be teaching an intensive in person in Switzerland 20-22 May 2011.

If you’re thinking of becoming a certified hand analyst take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn hands first hand from Richard.

There are so many teachers in the USA teaching his system that Richard no longer teaches intensives and yearlongs himself in the US. In Europe we are more fortunate.

Certified teachers are still being trained in Switzerland and you can benefit personally by getting in now and learning directly from Richard himself while he trains his European IIHA faculty.

The next intensive is Friday afternoon and eve and is all day Saturday and Sunday. Effectively, 3 full days.
The next yearlong will start in January 2012 and this intensive is a prerequisite.

Richard’s classes will be in English and translated.
I like this system because it gives one an opportunity to make notes and hear each sentence twice.

What will you learn:
How to analyse and work with fingerprints in depth,
Heart lines,
Hand shape and thumbs,
You’ll get Richard’s comprehensive fingerprint manual and intensive course including all the key markers used in his system.

To register for the intensive or yearlong contact:
Bahnhofstrasse 16
8344 Bäretswil
Tel. +41-43 833 68 45
E-mail info(at)

To have this course offered in your country contact me directly support(at) or Pascal Stoessel.

I’ll be offering IIHA intensives later this year in Europe and in SA in October. Pascal has been teaching IIHA yearlong for 11 years in German in Switzerland and wishes to offer this course further afield in future.

If you wish to become the certified IIHA hand analysis teacher for your country these are the first steps to take.

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