Can you be too gifted? (next hand analysis online class )

hand analysis online classes with Richard Unger

What are the unique challenges of people who are super talented?
Is it possible to be too gifted? To have too many talents or capabilities?

What one quality do people need to embrace multiple gift markers and live them?
And, what if your gift markers are conflicting?
How can you decide which gift marker to act on?

This is the topic of our next Earth School hand analysis class with Richard Unger.
The call is next Tuesday, 28 June 2011
Register for this call here.

The Earth School hand analysis advanced threading call on the same topic will be a week later, on Tuesday 5 July 2011 at 11am Pacific, 8pm Switzerland. This second call is for professional hand analysts and serious amateurs. During this call we’ll look at a number of multi-talented hands. Register for the advanced practical threading calls here or for both here.

What are gift markings?
How do you know if you have any?
Here are illustrations of 17 recognised gift markers.

gift markings
12 of the 16 recognised giftmarkers

These are special talents that want to be center stage in your life.
Check your hands to see if you have any.
It doesn’t matter which hand they’re on.

Here are illustrations of the other 5 (line of clairvoyance, Simian, Persephone, HAl, Pure heart):

life coach
Line of clairvoyance
pure heart gift marker and multi-tasker headline gift marking
Pure heart heart line and Hal headline
simian gift marker
The Simian line is a recognised gift marker
persephone gift marking
Persephone headline
More about what each gift marker means.

Join the call on the challenges of the super talented here.
© Copyright of all these illustrations Jenna Griffiths 2011 all rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “Can you be too gifted? (next hand analysis online class )

  1. Syafira Hani Reply

    I have a few of giftmarkers in my hands. Below of each of my finger have giftmarkers. May I know what they mean?

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