Delusional? Does this show up in hands?

wilder double headed snake
In 1918 Harris Hawthorne Wilder and Bert Wentworth published Personal Identification,
a ground-breaking guide to identifying people (living or dead) through their fingerprints.
early fingerprint research
It was the first serious study of fingerprints or what is now called dermatoglyphics (because these
“skin carvings” don’t just appear on fingerprints but also on palms and soles.)

Interestingly, Wilder had a very rare dermatoglyphic marker on the palm of his hand.
This marker is called a “moon composite” or more scientific jargon, a hypothenar composite whorl or double loop.
hypothenar composite whorl or double loop
Delusional? Autism? Downs? Psychotic? Or part time spiritual teacher?
hypothenar composite whorl or double loop

A lot of careless claims have been made attempting to link moon whorls in general, and this variation in particular, to downs syndrome, autism and schizophrenia. This is unfortunate, particularly the lack of distinction between different markers. In fact, the samples are really small and the exact type of palm markers aren’t described at all. Unfortunately everyone jumps on the band wagon without looking more closely at what was in fact published.

In Unger’s system (LifePrints method and other hand analysis schools following this method), there’s a big difference between a moon whorl and a composite moon whorl.

A moon whorl indicates a spiritual teacher or life coach.
Whereas a composite whorl, wherever it is situated, has an on-off effect.
So a moon composite whorl, in its best case scenario, is a part time spiritual teacher.

In its worst case, the person can become delusional. This depends on how present the person is with the issues they’re exploring on a spiritual level.

Wilder was a zoologist. Was he occasionally delusional or a part time spiritual teacher?
As he’s no longer around I’ll have to ask these questions to him in the hereafter.

Our call with Unger on composites is in a few hours and there’ll be a replay. If you miss the call, or if you only find this information in the distant future go here to find the replay.

What will we discuss?
We’ll be focusing on moon composites, and well as composites on the left middle, ring and pinkie fingers.
All of these positions have a very significant meaning.
If you have composite fingerprints this call will really help you make sense of a quagmire of conflicting information.

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