DNA activation and fingerprints

Interesting research is being done at the moment regarding DNA, specifically the +90% of DNA that was previously thought of as superfluous. Human DNA is 173cm long but only 3 cm is used for genetic coding. Until recently, the rest was labelled ‘junk DNA’ because it didn’t seem to have a purpose. Now scientists are finding that this may have to do with the family patterns, collective human experience and human potential.

It seems that as a species, we’re designed to move toward DNA activation, but we each have to do the work ourselves. Perhaps it is a bit like each of us arriving with a bag of Lego, something partially built and with no instructions how to proceed. Some people build a masterpiece, other people go round in circles, lose half their Lego pieces or give them all away and leave this life without having really achieved anything. Perhaps fingerprints are the key to unlocking this puzzle. Think of your fingerprints as the ‘package insert’ for your particular bag of Lego. They indicate what you are building or supposed to be working on. You can call this healing karmic wounds or you can call it healing patterns that exist within your biological family system, depending on your perspective or what you believe. The outcome is the same. Your fingerprints show what trips you up; what causes you to go round in circles or give half your bag of Lego away. They also indicate the masterpiece intended.

Hopefully science will

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