Do you fear success? Or do you fear failure?

“It takes just as much effort to fail as it does to succeed.”

Are you setting your own plane or plans alight?
plane crash, self sabotage
Not allowing yourself to succeed?
We’re masters of self sabotage.
Stalling. Backpedalling. Hiding. Staying small…

Why not use all that energy to go forward instead of wheel spin?

What keeps one person spinning and the other not?
and why would anyone in their right mind
be scared of success??

Are there hidden forces at play?
This is the topic we’ll be exploring this coming month in Earth School.

Fear of success and fear of failure.
I’ll be interviewing RIchard Unger on how this shows up in your hands
and I’ll be interviewing other experts on what to do.

Today’s Hand analysis tip?
The angle between your thumb and your hand gives a good indicator of your confidence and also how capable you are of getting things done.
Are you a good delegator or do you need to be a team player? Can you work alone?
This is immediately visible from the angle at which you hold your thumb out from the rest of your palm.
large thumb angle palm marker
A large thumb angle shows confidence, capability and ability to get the job done or delegate.
large thumb but held in, small thumb angle
A small angle between thumb and palm shows lack of confidence and need for team support. This particular example above is an extreme version as the thumb is unusually large but held in close to the palm.

More on this?
Join Jena’s hand analysis foundational classes – regular intake to this series here or purchase the Earth School class with Jena Griffiths and Richard Unger on this topic: Fear of Success vs fear of failure.

4 thoughts on “Do you fear success? Or do you fear failure?

  1. Sean Reply

    Hi Jenna,

    Mine is not too wide but it can be wider if I want to. I think it means that we can develop our confidence if we really want to. I’m not sure if I’m right though.

  2. ira Reply

    this is very helpfull for me…developing our confidence is the backbone of achieving or doing anything successfully.

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