Do you have “worry lions”?

A few nights ago I had a viviid dream of a huge lion lying on my chest, pinning me down with both paws. He was a lot like the Sphinx, overbearing but inactive. I tried to tell him he wasn’t actually real. That if I just knew how to focus properly he would dissolve into the illusion he really was. Yet he felt very real to me. I could feel his fur, his claws in my shoulders, his weight. I tried pushing him off and nearly had my hand bitten off. Then I tried a different tactic. Love. Staring into his eyes sending love and kindness. He simply stared back sternly, his eyes incredibly all knowing but merciless. They seemed to reach all the way back to infinity and beyond. What was he expressing? Impartiality? Impatience? Clearly he was growing restless. I was moments away from being eaten alive and there seemed to be not a damned thing I could do about it. Then, at the very last second, someone from afar darted him and he rolled off me lifelessly. I hated the idea that I was rescued by someone else instead of “conquering” the lion myself, singlehandedly. But then I realised, this is a dream and every character in it is just another part of myself. So which part of me took positive action? The archer?

And why am I telling you this dream?
I’ve written a couple of posts that will help you wrestle with your own lions. And see them for what they really are.

Here they are:
What’s eating you? (about lions and mindfulness)
Doing vs being (about life purpose and why you can’t have what you really want.)
Can we cool the planet by thinking less? (about mindfulness and results)
and this post: “Worry lions” (About horizontal lines on your hands, thumb and fingers)

Do you know that nearly half of the lines on your hand are “lions” not lines? 🙂

Why do I say that?
These lions/lines indicate the self created beasts (the stories we tell ourselves) that hold us in their grip sometimes for an entire lifetime. Seeing them for what they are is the first step to freeing yourself from their grip.

Think of me as just another part of you. The archer. These words reaching out to you through time and space to help you immobilise whatever lion currently has you by the throat.

Here’s a pic of someone who has learned how to manage his own lions through mindfulness.

Simply allowing them to be without breathing life into any of them.
Thought is creative. The thoughts you think today become the reality you live tomorrow. Most thoughts need to be let go of rather than be energized.

Here are a few pic’s of “Worry lions” on the upper thumb. (Traditionally called “worry lines”)
worry linesworry lionsworry lines 2worry lines 35.05

The upper thumb is all about manifestation.
They indicate worrying about life circumstances and lack in general and non manifestation as a result.
How to resolve this?
I don’t have horizontals on my thumb but I do have other horizontals.
For me, Neale Donald Walsch was the archer.
And the idea that darts this lion?
That wanting something is the most non-beneficial thing you can do.

Because wanting something focuses you on the lack and therefore you manifest more lack.
What you focus on you get more of because thoughts are creative.
(To understand how this relates to living your life purpose read my previous post doing vs being)

A short cut
Think of the horizontals on your hands as the wrinkles on your lions brow.
Lines on your upper thumb aren’t the only lions around. Horizontals can appear anywhere on your hands, fingers and thumbs.

The precise location of these “frown lines” on your hands, finger or thumb tell you the exact meaning of your particular “worry lion”.
They give clues to the painful story you are telling yourself (allowing yourself to be eaten up by) and therefore creating more of in your life….
To explore this in more depth in your own life have your hands analysed online or in person.

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