Do you need more privacy?

toppling over ring finger

When a person’s ring finger topples over towards the thumb this indicates that the person feels they need to hide something about themselves.

One often sees this marker on the hands of stars or other celebrities because of the relentless stress they have of living in the spotlight, having the intimate details of their lives constantly scrutinized by curious fans, paparazzi and the public in general.

Maybe we’ll all have a toppling ring finger soon thanks to Facebook.

If you have this marker in your hand then you need to create a safe space where you can hide occasionally.
Create a secret retreat or hiding place as a form of self care. Take time off, out of the public eye, in small chunks as a well deserved treat, rather than ignoring this need to a point where you hide out permanently. Develop other ways to shield yourself rather than cramping your style or your heart.

How does this actually work ?
The thumb (your will power) is pulling the Apollo finger (being seen) off balance.
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