Earth Rebirth: Your part plus tools

“If the mother did not know about birth, she’d think she
is dying.” Barbara Marx Hubbard

Is Earth busy rebirthing herself and us along with her?
Is it possible that the world feels dark and scary because we’re in the birth canal?

This is what Barbara marx Hubbard, author of Conscious Evolution says:
“Never before have we faced a global crises of this proportion that is awakening our
absolute necessity to evolve consciously or go extinct.
In this process we are birthing a new species of humanity.”

She also says:
Birth is painful and the outcome is never certain.
Every creation requires the destruction of what came before.

The good news?
Lots of spiritual midwives are standing by to help.

What’s your role?

Become a conscious co-creator:
1.  Learn how to manage your emotions.
2.  Learn to manage your thoughts.

Psychotherapist and sound therapist, Tom Kenyon says, to survive, we simply need to change 2 thoughts that don’t serve us:
1. That we’re separate from Earth and can dominate and use her as we please.
2. That we are separate from our divinity.

Action steps you can take right now
1. Calm down. There are many effective inexpensive ways to do this such as EFT.
2. Connect with nature. Go watch Avatar (again).  It’s a beautiful rendition of the shift in thinking each of us must make.
3. Connect with the part of you (your higher self) that is also a part of a greater field of energy (source/God or whatever name works for you.)

Tom Kenyon offers new insight ainto earth Changes and a free 15 meditation. You can download it here and also access all the background reading:

This sound track is divided into 3 sections.
Part 1 focuses on appreciation/gratitude to Earth.
Part 2 focuses on the pituatary gland in the middle of your head
part 3 focuses on appreciation/gratitude to your higher self

What has this to do with your hands and fingerprints?

Your hands can help you change your story. (Your thoughts).
Your fingerprints can help you manage your emotions.

Learn how in Earth School starting 23 Sept 2010 right here.

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  1. nissa Reply

    embrace the nature..never attempt to abuse it. imagine leaving in a desert with no water, green and blue..

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