Earth School Topic July 2011

Free will vs Destiny

predictions vs self determination hand analysis palm reading

Hi, Jenna Griffiths here. On Thursday July 7th 2011 I interviewed Richard Unger
on the topic “Free will vs Destiny”. Richard has been pondering this topic from a hand analysis perspective
for over 40 years.

What did we discuss?

  • Is your life pre-determined – already mapped out for you or do you have a say in the outcome?
  • Are you in charge of your own destiny?
  • Is what happens completely random or are larger forces at play?
  • If so, how can we ride this rather than feel swamped or overwhelmed?
  • What do our hands say from a scientific non-predictive perspective?
  • Is scientific hand analysis really non-predictive?
  • and lots more…

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A list of calls

Here are some the topics we’ve covered:

Topic 1: How depression shows up in hands
Topic 2: How burnout shows up in hands
Topic 3: Can’t Say No
Topic 4: Indecision
Topic 5: Don’t know what you want?
Topic 6: Solving Relationship problems
Topic 7: Dealing with the Inner Critic
Topic 8: At the crossroads – A Life in Transition
Topic 9: Composites – Life on the Roller Coaster
Topic 10: Free will vs destiny
Topic 11: Responsibility vs irresponsibility
Topic 12: Showing up
Topic 13: Fear success / Fear of failure
Topic 14: Family complications
Topic 15: Managing misunderstandings – and communication challenges.

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What people are saying

hand analyst Switzerland
Master Hand Analyst – Pascal Stoessel

I’ve being reading hands for 16 years and teaching Richard’s system for
11 years. I subscribe to Jenna’s classes with him because each time at
least 20% is new material. It helps to maintain an exceptionally high
standard and I like to pass this on to my own students.
Richard has such a deep intuitive wisdom about hands and combined with
Jenna’s probing questions rich new material rises to the surface.
Thanks Jenna for making this series available. It’s a fantastic way for
us to access all the wisdom that Richard hasn’t yet written down.
- Pascal Stoessel

expert handanalyst Kay packard
Kay Packard
Founder AAHA

“I am really enjoying the pace of the calls and the breadth of
information covered on each subject. A simple concept like heart lines
expands quickly into a discussion of all line configurations in the hand.
Exciting and invigorating to listen to and expand your database of hands in
a whole new way. Looking forward to tuning into next week.”
- Brent Bruning

Brent Bruning Advanced Hand analyst Switzerland
Brent Bruning
Advanced Hand Analyst

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