Earth School Topic 5

Don’t know what you want?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what you really want.
Especially when you’ve grown up learning that everyone else’s
needs and wishes are more important than your own.
Or, when you are told it is not spiritual to have personal desires.

And what about when person wants to know what they want but
they get no answer whatsoever from inside themselves?

desire pollution hand reading or palm reading marker
Sometimes we have no way of hearing our own desires.

On this call Jena Griffiths interviewed Richard Unger on how and why people
lose touch with what they really want and what to do about this.
The replay of this call is now available.

Topic: Don’t know what you want?

On this call you’ll learn :

  • why people don’t know what they want
  • how hands reveal the specific ways this can be interrupted
  • different hand markers linked to this
  • how hand markers show you the way out.
  • how to contact and receive a message from the heart
  • Is it bad to have personal wants?
  • what is the role of personal will in a spiritual life?
  • what to do to reconnect with and act on your wants.

If you personally don’t know what you want this call will help you.
If you’re a healer, a coach or a psychologist this call is a series
of calls that help you get to the heart of what’s really going on.

If you’re a hand analyst this call will help you deepen your
understanding of certain markers and the finer nuances between

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