Hand markers related
to depression

Interview with Richard Unger

a rare opportunity

Hi, Jena Griffiths here.

I recently interviewed Richard Unger on the topic
‘How depression shows up in hands’.

During the call we looked at how your hands can help you get to the source
of your mental state and show the path out.

Richard outlined 5 different types of depression that show up in hands and
offered solutions for each.

Purchase this class here for $47
Topic 1: How depression shows up in hands

You will receive:

  • access to the replay plus a link where you can download the class.
  • a document on depression prepared by Richard.
  • hand prints for the call
  • Richard Unger is the founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis and
    author of LifePrints: deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints.
    Richard’s contribution to the world of hands is staggering. His work includes fingerprints,
    gift markers, heart line types, challenge markers, attack lines, and more recently
    his breakthrough work on the career archetypes.

    To register for future calls with Richard for $37 per month

    More calls in this series by Richard Unger.

    Richard will be with us in Earth School for all of 2011.

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