Famous hands

Famous Simians Tony Robbins, DIY hand analysis, palmistry, how to read a palm

Famous Simians, hand analysis classes, palmistry, palm reading, how to read a palm
It’s always interesting to explore the hands of our heroes.
Take Tony Robbins for example. It comes as no surprise to me to see that Tony has a Simian line.
So too with Hillary Clinton.
Both these personalities demonstrate the Simian capacity for extreme focus and the stamina to keep going long after others have flaked or fallen by the wayside. (more on Simian advantages here.)
The difference between these two?
Even though both have a Simian line their hand shape is completely different.
Hillary has a Big Ideas (Long Jupiter/Air) hand shape and Tony is the “Just plain Clever” type (Earth plus Mercury.)
(The Simian line is also called the single palmar crease)

We’ll be exploring Tony’s hands and fingerprints in detail as well as Hillary’s hands and a number of other famous personalities in our next two Earth School topic calls.

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