Fear of being judged or measured? – Learn what your hands say today

You know you should be more out there…but aren’t?
What are the deeper reasons behind not showing up?
NaNa DiviNA fear of showing up
Yesterday we discussed performance fear with NaNa DiviNa
and fear of showing up in daily life
This was a free call in the Earth School free auditorium
and well worth a listen:
Finding the courage to shine

Today we’ll be exploring this from a hand analysis perspective.
What can your hands show you about what’s really going on?
The topic is Showing up.
We’ll be looking at several hand markers with Richard Unger.
that indicate what’s really going on.

You can join this class here.

How does the fear of being measured show up in hands?

A small x floating on its own under the heart line but above the headline
positioned between the ring and finger (between the ring and pinkie. See image for exact spot.)
is an indicator that this fear is holding a person back without them realizing it.
Here’s what it looks like
floating cross

This is a marker that indicates a person might self sabotage and find every excuse in the book not to show up.
This is just one of many markers we’ll be discussing on the call today.
If you can’t make it live, there’s a replay.

2 thoughts on “Fear of being judged or measured? – Learn what your hands say today

  1. Kiran Katawa Reply

    Usually, you write reasons for a marker like thumb pulling the index finger or Apollo finger and so is the outcome…
    Similarly, is there any reason for the self-sabotage nature ‘coz of this marker?

    Also, I think the sentence didn’t get formed correct here: “positioned at a spot between the ring and finger”?

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