Finding your purpose

“You are here to be the poem that only you can be. You are here to sing the song that only you can sing.
You are here to be the Unique Presence of Being and Becoming in the world that no one else but you can be.
To live aligned with the highest intention of God, allowing God to live you.”
Marc Gafni.

I highly recommend Your Unique Self by Marc Gafni. A great book to read over the holiday period.
I’m halfway through it and deeply resonate with all he says. This work fits so beautifully together with Richard Unger’s work on fingerprints – LifePrints.
Gafni talks about each person having a core false statement. Imagine how excited he’d be if he knew this was actually visible in your fingerprints.

If you’d like to join us in Earth School in the coming year. We’ll be diving deep into fingerprints. The focus is on living the exalted version of yourself.
Here’s a special year end offer so you can get 2 months with us free.
Season’s greetings!

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