Hand Analysis Foundation Classes

Get a solid foundation
in professional hand analysis

Is your hand analysis knowledge a bit out of date, shaky, or with weak foundations?
Update your database and improve your skills with over 20 hours of classes.
These classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced hand analysts.
They save you time and money and give you a logical framework. Also,
they help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed because now you
have a clear understanding of the entire system.

Foundational Classes part 1.
Download 12 Essential classes on hand shape and lines
(personality psychology).
Foundational Classes Part 2.
8 foundational classes on fingerprints
(soul psychology).
Both series includes recordings, transcripts and reference pages
plus a supporting manual and additional email support.

12 Personality marker calls

1. Finger lengths
2. Know your client at a glance (Hand shape, tips, thumb)
3. Markers under index finger – Jupiter markers
4. Markers under middle finger – Saturn markers
5. Markers under ring finger – Apollo markers
6. Markers under small finger – Mercury markers
7. Challenge markers
8. Attack lines
9. Delicious dilemmas
10. Hand shape combinations
11. Moon markers
12. Mars, Venus and Neptune markers.

These 12 classes have now been edited and include recordings, transcripts
a manual and weekly email support with additional tips from Jenna.

More information about each class.

Feedback from a subscriber:
“Your Foundations classes are just what I need to pull together my understanding and
practice of hand analysis. Your presentation makes good sense, is immensely practical,
very informative, and is quite fun too! Thank you for this engaging material!” Jane Valencia

Soul Psychology

Topics: Working with fingerprints
1. Introducing the shadow and light theme plus navigating the manual.
2. Learning to use positive and negative inverses in a reading
3. Using EFT on fingerprint issues
4. Using EFT on fingerprint issues – the inner critic
5. Earth Schools
6. What’s holding you back – a simple way of determining life lesson
7. Working with double schools
8. Working with composites

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