Forthcoming hand analysis classes with Richard Unger and Jena Griffiths

Just so you know when our next calls are with summer holidays up ahead.
There are topic and threading calls in July and August but no hand shape calls. Advanced hand shapes continues September 18.
See topic order below. There are no calls for the summer holidays : last 2 weeks of July and first 2 weeks of August.

Forthcoming topic calls
hand analysis classes with Richard Unger and Jena Griffiths, Lifeprints, axiom of soul psychology

Over the next few months in Earth School we’re doing some deep diving into soul
psychology. Taking your understanding of LifePrints and how to work with
this material to a new level – whether for yourself and your own life purpose and soul journey or with your clients.
Here’s the lineup:

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The Three Axioms of Soul Psychology
– Experience Required Jul 03, 2012
– The Paradox Principle Aug 21, 2012
– The Validity of the Personality Sep 04, 2012
Emotional Maturity and the Four Tasks of Psyche Oct 02, 2012
Soul Tracking: Oh so much deeper on what your heart line is saying. Nov 06, 2012
Grief and Rage Dec 04, 2012
Advanced threading calls
palmistry classes, palm reading classes, hand analysis classes, how to read a palm
These calls follow the theme of the topic call whenever possible.
They’re designed to sharp your eyes, skills and professionalism as a hand analyst.
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Advanced Hand Shape Archetypes
hand shape hand analysis classes with richard Unger and jena Griffiths, palmistry, palm reading, how to read a palminner mastermind, hand shape online classes, palmistry, palm reading, how to read a palm

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