Forthcoming hand analysis courses in Switzerland: relationships as mirror

There’s workshop fever in Switzerland at the moment with
workshop week in two cities – both Zurich and Aarau.

I’ll be offering 2 workshops this month:
one in Aarau on 15 March 2012.
and one later in the month, on 20 March in Oberwil, near Zug.

We’ll be focusing on how your hands can help you in relationships.

Book here Bewusst Leben Woche for Aarau on 15 March, 2012.
Or email Martin for Oberwil on 20 March. Phone: +41 41 711 92 68

Both courses are all morning. 9am to 12 noon.
In Aarau there’s also a deepening process in the afternoon.

More information.

Every partnership is a spiritual collaboration.
We’ll explore how our hands can help us get in touch with our own
needs and our partner’s needs at a deeper level.

We will focus on how to use information from your hands as part of a daily practice
for more love, mutual understanding, appreciation, respect, vulnerability and trust.

More info about all the courses offered in Aarau next week:
Bewusst Leben Woche download pdf
More info about courses in Oberwil:

If you’re anywhere in the region, come play.
If you can’t make these dates, I also do private consultations in Zurich. Simply email me.
Wishing you an inspiring week.