Forthcoming professional hand analysis courses in the USA

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Some good news for people wishing to become professional hand analysts.
Richard Unger will be giving a weekend intensive in Washington state November 4- 6, 2011.
His next IIHA yearlong certification course will start there in March 2012.

This is a rare opportunity to once again learn hands directly from the maestro himself.
Richard has been teaching his unique system of analysing hands for over 40 years
and has persoanlly trained some of the world’s top analysts.

For more info about Richard’s course contact Sandy Levey
Some of Richard’s previous students who also teach his system: Ronelle Coburn, Pascal Stoesel, Alice Funk, Kay Packard, Pamelah Landers, Baeth Davis, Janet Savage, Roberta Crocker.
And Kay Packard will be running her own course this year in Los Angeles 11-13 November 2011.  More info  about Kay

So if you’re trying to make sense of all this
IIHA (International Institute of hand Analysis) now has 2 break away schools
IASHA (International Association for Scientific Hand Analysis) (Baeth)
and AAHA (American Academy of Hand Analysis) (Kay)
but all are teaching Richard Unger’s IIHA system of analysing hands.

How to decide which course to take?

It depends on your long term objectives. Each course has different advantages.

Are  you
1. exploring this work primarily as a personal journey – for self discovery?
2. do you wish to use Hand analysis as an additional diagnostic tool in your coaching or therapeautic tool box?
3. do you wish to become a professional hand analyst and make this the core of your work?

If you plan to do IIHA 2nd and 3rd year then you will need to do first year with IIHA.
Post grad classes aren’t essential but they add an essential deepening and fine tuning for people planning to focus on hands fulltime.
This is partially bridged by the twice monthly continuing education calls we do in Earth School.

For beginners, I recommend Kay’s classes because these are small groups with lots of personal attention from Kay.

For other countries or distance learners – start with my foundational classes and if you want to go further contact Ronelle Coburn who offers the IIHA yearlong online.

The foundational classes teach you all the most important markers – in just 12 hours.
They give you a solid framework on which you can hang everything else you learn.

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  1. Len Reply

    Nice post. I love reading it.
    How I wish to be in a professional world later on.
    But I love my job as of now.
    It makes me happy.

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