Do you have a gift marking in your hand?

The theory of Gift markings was first proposed by Richard Unger who noticed that these markers indicate special talents that need to be lived.

gift markings
12 of the 17 gift markings

There are 17 recognized Gift Markings

  • 1. The Jupiter star = leader, high achiever.
  • 2. The Saturn star = networker, Midas touch.
  • 3. The Apollo star = big spotlight, creativity.
  • 4. The Mercury star = special ingenuity.
  • 5. The Moon star = flashes of intuition.
  • 6. The Neptune star = deep understanding.
  • 7. The Venus star = depends on exact location.
  • 8. The Mars star = exceptional courage.
  • 9. The third eye star = spiritual wisdom/ the seer/ vision.
  • 10. Star of Pluto = Radical transformer/ turn-around manager
  • 11. Medical stigmata = gifted healer/personal growth consultant.
  • 12. Lines of genius = writer or public speaker.
  • pur heart gift marker and multtasker headline gift marking

  • 13. The Hal headline = Octopus brain/needs a big complicated job.
  • 14. The Pure Heart = humanitarian.
  • 15. The Persephone headline = guide for lost souls. (below)
  • 16. The Simian = extreme focus. (below)
  • 17. Line of clairvoyance = life teacher/meanings expert. (below)

helsigtigkeit liene

I’m gifted, why don’t I have any of these markings?
There are numerous ways that talent is revealed in your hands. The markings above are rare and most don’t show up on all hand shape (personality) types.
According to Richard Unger, when gift markings do show up, they indicate that the owner needs to take their talent more seriously and live it.

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