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Mark Seltman, recommended Palmistry book, recommended palm reading book, recommended hand reading bookMark Seltman
I’ve just read Mark Seltman‘s new book and I must say I’m impressed.
Mark has written an excellent book for both the general public and more serious students of hands. Light years ahead of anything else on the market so far. The book is very readable and is written with integrity and deep insight. His style is sincere and personal. His thinking is advanced. Mark has read well over 60 000 pairs of hands and it clearly shows.
Mark’s book dispels myths about lifelines, fortune telling and dubious finger length research.
How is Mark’s way of looking at hands different from the hand analysis explored on this site?
Mark’s understanding of hand shape, finger length, finger tip shapes, thumb shapes and position and basic line formations is very similar. The main difference is that Mark excludes fingerprints which is my main focus.
I asked Richard Unger what he thought of Mark’s book. He said he too was impressed. From a hand shape perspective Mark has made a major breakthrough. His three modalities (initiator, builder, adaptor), although only briefly described in the book, adds a new understanding to hand shape types that Richard says he will adopt and incorporate into his own hand shape/personality archetype system.

I highly recommend Mark’s book and if you haven’t got it yet, also get LifePrints (for fingerprints) and you’ll be well on your way to understanding hands.

Added later:
Since this post was written Kay Packard’s book “Your life’s in your hands” has come out. I’m adding Kay’s book to the must have list above. The three books mentioned here complement each other and I would buy all three.

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