Have you married the wrong person by accident? (free hand reading lesson)

According to Richard Moss we always marry “a mistake”. This is normal!  We are  attracted,almost magnetically, to the person who is most able to “crack us open” and make us real.

But do you know that this pattern, exactly what cracks you open, shows up in your fingerprints? And the good news is, you can use this information to support each other instead of causing yourself and the other pain. This is called conscious partnering and what we are learning to do in Earth School using the advanced interpretation Lifeprints system.

But what about extreme situations? What if you end up marrying someone not because you were once attracted, but rather simply because it’s easier for you to say yes in the moment than to say no?

There are several hand markings that indicate a tendency to do things at great expense to yourself for absolutely the wrong reason. We discussed the differences between these “power give away” hand markers last week on the topic call “can’t say no” with Richard Unger, the world’s leading authority on hands. (Unger is the man who invented the term “hand analysis”. He is single-handedly responsible for decoding fingerprints, gift markers, heart lines, career hand shape archetypes and much more. Anyone who calls themselves a “hand analyst” was once a student of Richard’s.)

One hand marker we discussed with Richard in great detail during this call is the D fork on the heart line. According to Unger, the emotion that causes a D fork to appear in your hands isn’t empathy at all but rather discomfort avoidance!

This is such an important point that I’m posting here a small exerpt, some of the points Unger made about D forks.

We also discussed in detail several other similar but different markers and other unrelated markers such as The Ruthless mind and also how to work with your life lesson rather than avoid it.
You can purchase the full replay of this call here.

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    Hello Jena, is the audio given here working fine? I amn’t able to hear anything! Can you pls cross check and repost the correct one?

  2. Kiran Katawa Reply

    Now, I am able to hear it. May be something went wrong earlier! Thanks 🙂

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