Healing anger and resentment – it’s in your hands

“Anger is really disappointed hope” – Erica Jong

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I’ve had my mother here for 6 weeks writing her memoirs and its been a wonderful trip down memory lane.

Now mum has gone and I have instead Maxwell Maltz, father of Psychocybernetics back in my car CD, talking to me about the need to live creatively by looking forwards instead of backwards.

Maltz says regret or remorse keeps you locked in the past. So too resentment. At some point one one needs to let go, forgive and “develop a nostalgia for the future.”

I love this idea. A nostalgia for the future.
I think mum is doing this now in an interesting way – turning her nostalgia for the past into one for the future by writing her book. Now she has a goal and something to look forward to – completing her book and getting it published.

But what about situations where one just can’t let go of the past and it impacts on us in a negative way?
Sometimes we harbor anger and frustration about dreams un-lived. Perhaps we didn’t have the courage or self esteem to risk failure?

Or as Erika Jong says “anger is really disappointed hope.”

How does this show up in your hands and what to do?

One of the lines that I see very often in people’s hands is an anger line indicating “thwarted ambition” or dissatisfaction with who you are now because deep down you know you could be so much more.

Here’s what this line looks like:

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Anger line

This is called Pluto Attack line or what Richard Unger calls a “Zindler” line (after an American TV personality.)

With all attack lines it’s vital to look at what’s under attack. In this case, the attack line leads to the part of your hand related to radical transformation. (The area between the heart line and the head line towards the outer edge of the palm.) The curvier this line is, indicates the depth of emotional charge.
When you see a Zindler line look for a Jupiter star. Often these two markers show up in pairs.
Meaning? Probably the person isn’t fully living their Jupiter star.
Also, look to see what their fingerprints say about their purpose. Chances are they have not yet fully stepped into their life purpose.
What to do if you have this line in your hand?

Action steps you can take right now.

1. What dream do you currently have on the back-burner or locked away in a cupboard that actually needs to be your central hearth; the activity that warms your soul and keeps your creative juices flowing?

Work out a plan to breathe new life and hope into this dream. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day at first.

2. Develop a “nostalgia for the future” instead of the past. Maltz says you can’t view the future with optimistic eyes until you can view your past or present with kind eyes. Be gentle on yourself and on others. Forgive yourself and move on.
It’s important to really feel those feelings in your solar plexus and then try to bring them up into your heart and love yourself for being alive and human.

3. Anger can be a powerful source of additional energy. Explore how you can channel it to move you in a positive direction rather than use it to self implode.

If you would like to learn more about this line and hundreds of other extremely useful to know about markers in one’s hands take a series of foundational classes with me.

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    Anger can be a powerful source of additional energy. Explore how you can channel it to move you in a positive direction rather than use it to self implode.

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