Healing from grief and other extreme emotions

Earlier this year I analyzed the hands of Karin Andersson Hagelin, a young Swedish woman living in Switzerland. Two weeks a go we met up at Curious Courses Christmas party and Karin told me that she had taken the advice I’d given her and run with it. She’d gone home to Sweden, got certified as a grief counselor and now was back doing work she loves and helping many people in the process.

grief counsellor based in Zurich, Switzerland
Karin has a Neptune star and along with other markers this indicates that this is exactly the type of work she is built for.

I was so impressed with Karin for taking action and, because the theme in Earth School this month is grief and rage, I decided it was no coincidence we had bumped into each other when we did. Clearly the rest of us need to hear what Karin had to say about healing grief and other intense emotions.

I’ll be interviewing Karin tomorrow in the Open Auditorium
On healing Grief and Rage
The replay is on the same link.
We’ll be exploring the Grief Recovery Method that Karin practices and she will also share her own experience.
How she herself recovered after the loss of her child.

On this call we explore the 5 myths of grieving such as:
time heals, be strong, grieve alone…
and how to explode these myths for rapid healing.

Please join us here.

This call is open to everyone.
The replay is on the same link.

Here’s what Karin said about her experience of having her hands analyzed.
“What’s my Life Purpose? That was the question I wanted to get an answer to when I signed up for a hand analysis with Jena Griffiths. I was contemplating taking a completely different route in life. This time I thought it would make sense to really check if that was the right move as it was quite a big investment both financially and emotionally.

I didn’t know what to expect but the Hand Analysis Reading felt more like a proper coaching session than anything else, but instead of getting questions from a coach my hands were leading the way. Jena is extremely knowledgeable, professional and detailed in her work and she was giving me verification after verification on my life purpose, my life lessons and what type of careers would make sense for me. This helped me to start looking at my strengths that I’m already born with, instead of continuing to bump against obstacles and stay in the feeling of being stuck or in the wrong place.

I also appreciate that Jena recorded the reading so I could listen afterwards and let all the information sink in. Jena’s reading also made me take a solid decision of what to do in life. I signed up for a certification course in the Grief Recovery Method® just days after seeing Jena. I can warmly recommend Jena Griffiths.” – Karin Andersson Hagelin

2 thoughts on “Healing from grief and other extreme emotions

  1. Kelly Foster Reply

    Your blog is very interesting, thanks for it! Quite often I find there the ways to solve my problems.
    I’m disappointed I’m not able to join the meeting as I live in the UK, not USA.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Kelly, most of our calls are on-line with people participating from all over. I’m also not in the USA. I’m in Switzerland!

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