How many hand analysis classes do you need to read hands successfully?

Hand analysis is a language and, like any other language, mastery is a never ending journey.
But imagine if only people who had doctorates in English felt confident enough to speak it?!

You should never let lack of experience stop you from using hand analysis right now to transform your life or to help others do the same.

Just as you don’t need a masters degree in English to say “I love you” or “I understand”
so too with hand analysis.

What matters far more than perfect grammar is your attitude and intention.
Always ask yourself: How can I expand this person?
If you are not lessening someone’s load you’re adding to it.

Hand analysis is a tool to help people see larger possibilities
Can you help others to see that there can’t be shadow without light or a challenge without an opportunity?
Can you help them see the broader pattern they’re exploring; showing that at this level there are no mistakes?

Mistake are just the underside of your life’s tapestry. You can’t have a rich, fascinating tapestry without lots of seeming errors on the underside.

This is what hand analysis is about. Empowering others by making them conscious of their own massive potential.

It’s not about shaming or limitation.
It’s about re-framing.

You can use the basics right now to change your own life or someone else’s.

The danger with beginners is to focus on the negative. Actually there are no negatives.
Because every coin has 2 sides. Your strengths are also your weaknesses and vice versa.

The main thing about hand analysis is to learn by doing.
Practice makes perfect.
Obviously the more you study the better you’ll be. It really depends on if you want to do this as a hobby or as a profession.

Take whatever lessons you can afford and start collecting hand prints of everyone you know.
It’s by studying the hands of the people you know best that you can see these principles in action.

If you’d like to learn more about your own hands, or take your hand analysis skills to the next level, join our monthly classes online.
I’ve invited the world authority on hands to come teach you online every month.
The next call is on January 27th 2011.
The topic?
“I don’t know what I want”.
To purchase foundational classes in hand analysis, go here
These classes give you all the basics to get started right away.
If you’d like to to one step further and become a certified analyst, contact me directly to put you in touch with a class in your region.

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    Yes its right Practice makes a man perfect.I have studied CHERO.But i just studied not practice,now i h’v forgotten all:-(

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