How to figure out your mission?

This video by Brian Johnson is really worth watching if you are trying to figure out your mission or life purpose.
Brian gives some great tips and also explains the difference between your universal purpose and your unique mission.
Your main purpose being the same as everyone else’s – to connect with your higher self and shine.
Your mission is more personal. It’s what only you can do and no-one else.
Basically there are 3 elements: what a person loves to do, what they are good at/built for, and what the world needs.
Finding where these three intersect is the key. Hands can really only give you one third of this equation. (What you are built for/what will make you feel fulfilled).

We can make suggestions, based on fingerprints/hand shape/gift markers; but a person also needs to get in touch with their own
deepest desires and do research as to what is needed in the market. Watch this video as it will help you put this into perspective

Brian doesn’t know about hand analysis as a life purpose and personality assessment tool.
He uses a strengths finder which is very general but still a good exercise to do. the answers are very general.
You can then compare this with your hand analysis personality and soul characteristics which are very specific.
This video is also useful for hand analysts to watch – to put into perspective where you can and can’t help.
And to what extent you can take responsibility for another person’s career choices.

After my last post Kathy asked the question: “How to help people with career direction…is there a shorter way of helping them or do we have to weave the purpose and finger sections and lines all together to give them that direction along with their own thoughts? Is there a faster, more targeted way?”
I partially answered there but here is a fuller answer.
As Brian points out there are 3 parts to this exercise. Hands can help you with one part – knowing yourself, what you’re built for plus your deeper purpose – what makes you feel actualized and what you’re working on, on a soul level.
But how can one make this process simpler, or in Kathy’s words, “faster, more targeted” from a career finding perspective?
Knowing how to identify advanced hand shape types really helps narrow down career options. Beyond fingerprints and gift markers this is the single biggest piece of the jigsaw puzzle. (Hand shape combined with relative finger length (the mythological archetypes.))
Combining this with what the fingerprints say – life purpose, and if the purpose is general, specifically exalted life lesson (imagining that the lowest ranked prints are your highest) narrows this right down. Can the person step into the exalted version of themselves?
Gift markers also give clues. But still one can never take final responsibility away from the person whose life it is.
Do not to put too much pressure on yourself as a hand analyst to take responsibility for decisions that are actually not yours to take.
You can hold up a very powerful mirror for a person to look into, but in the end they have to choose which hat to wear.

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