How to survive 2012?

I spent the first day of 2012 being shocked.
being shocked
Okay, we spent the day at Technorama – a brilliant science park in Winterthur.

Jokes aside, how should you prepare yourself for 2012?
I’ve just written a post about how to apply martial arts thinking to your daily life
– to empty your mind of the past and the future
instead of cluttering your mind with more commitments and resolutions.
Read it here.
Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “How to survive 2012?

  1. Margot Reply

    For me 2012 is really worth surviving. It gave me a new life. A life that gave me a lot of time to be with my children and having to work from home. Not like the previous years I was always away from home due to all those stressful day jobs.

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