Is water powerful or weak? Do you have water hands? A water heart line?

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Sometimes the ocean can be so fragile and passive that even starlight leaves deep scratches on its face.
And then, in a flash, we have a force that can flatten cities, carve canyons or cliffs.

Water shapes Earth. And so too in personality. makes me think of the cliche “behind every powerful man is a supportive, nurturing, guiding, influential woman.”

And what happens to Earth, men, communities when water is  withheld?

Water as an element of personality isn’t gender specific, but it is feminine in the Chinese “yin” sense of the word.

Many men have water shaped hands or water shaped heart lines. (scroll down to my previous post on these qualities.)

These men are caring, sensitive, fexible, focused on other people’s needs rather than their own.  And, like all forms of water, to be treasured

For more on water and how it is a carrier of infomation and a doorway between worlds, visit my other blog,
in Earth School.

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To learn more about water in hand shapes, lines and fingerprints you can take advantage of a loophole I can’t fix until next week as I’m away at Judith Kravitz’s transformational breath workshop in Geneva.  If you don’t get all the links you need I’ll sort this out on Monday and fix the loophole at thesame time. Hand analysis class on hand shapes.

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  1. Alex G Reply

    i still have not got a clear picture of how to determine which hand is which element.

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